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Finger Print Door Lock (Model : L100)

  • Video Demo
  • Description
  • Specification
  • Advantages
  • Accessories
  • Buy
L100 is a unique fingerprint lock that can be used in every home and office
The latest Anviz fingerprint algorithm allows doors to open one second after proper identification. With its simple design, enrollment can be done within 5 seconds. The unique card reader design provides greater convenience for older and younger family members, as well as office staff who already have cards. The reversible handle feature can fully meet the DIY installation requirement. Furthermore, L100 utilizes the TI chip for low power consumption. This ensures a door can be opened 8 000 times with just 4 AA batteries.
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Sensor wakeup mode: Infra red.
  • Finger print Capacity: 99 (You can register 99 fingers)
  • Identification time: < 0.5Sec
  • False Rejection Ratio: 0.001%
  • False Acceptance Ratio: 0.00001%
  • Battery: 4nos- 1.5V
  • Professional and elegant design by famous designer. Elegant,exquisite, compact and stylish
  • Anviz optical fingerprint reader. Scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. Well accept all kinds of fingerprints
  • Strong zinc alloy front panel. Stable and reliable
  • Single latch for easy installation. User can change the handle direction. DIY design
  • Independent clutch motor design. Reversible handle. Free rotation
  • LED indicator and inbuilt musical buzzer
  • Identification method: fingerprint. Safe and reliable
  • Backup mechanical key for emergency open
  • Special free entry design for office. Can be set on the lock when needed during meetings etc.
  • USA Ti chip of low consumption. 4 AA batteries for one year
  • Door Lock Front portion
  • Door Lock Rear portion
  • Single mortise latch
  • 4nos AA Batteries
  • 9V batter for backup
  • Mechanical key set
  • Bolt rod
  • User manual & installation frame guide
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