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The way we Secure your World.....!!!!!            Ethics first business follows......!!!!      Quality first then business.........!!!!!      Satisfaction first sales next.......!!!!!
Biometric Fingerprint Safe Locker

  • Video Demo
  • Description
  • Specification
  • Advantages
  • Accessories
  • Buy
Bio-metric Finger print Safe Locker both Finger print and mechanical key options.
  • Do You know bio-metrics is the safest and convenient option to keep your world safe?
  • No more trouble of maintaining keys just add your finger and you can open it with your finger.......!!!!
  • No need of hiding the key as you key is always at your finger tips......!!!!
  • No duplication.....!!!!
  • Excellent technology with proven concept in market....!!!
External Dimensions
  • Model : VFS Medium ks
  • Size in inches: H 18 inch X W 15 inch X D 13 inch
  • Size in MM: H 457 mm X W 381 mm X D 330mm
  • Weight : 23KGs
  • Color: As shown in picture
  • You can register upto 20 finger prints. No worries about the keys.
  • No need to hide the keys as you are operating with your finger print that is always with you.
  • You don't need a mechanical key to open the locker.
  • You can use the mechanical key if you are not willing to use the bio metric system.
  • 4nos - batteries
  • 2nos - Mechanical key
  • 1nos - External battery pack incase the internal battery is weak. You can connect this externally and put your finger.
  • 1nos - Warranty card.
  • 1nos - user manual
  • 2nos - anchor bolts to fix it to the wall
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