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PIR Auto Sensor Switch

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Advantages
  • Buy

PIR Switch will sense the human body and automatically switches ON when any one enters the room and automatically switches OFF when any one exits the room.

    Connection :
  • Parallel to the Manual switch : When the Manual switch is OFF the sensor switch will switch ON/OFF automatically. You can use the Manual Switch to switch ON and the light will be ON continuously until you switch OFF manually.
  • Series Connection to the Manual Switch : The sensor works only when the manual switch is ON. When the manual switch is OFF the light is OFF and the sensor also is OFF.
  • Load Power: < 600W
  • Delay Time: 2Sec to 80 Minuts.
  • Sensing Distance: 5Meters ~ 8 Meters
  • Sensing Angle: 120degrees

  • Very convenient, No more worries about switching OFF, No more searching for correct switch. Just enter the room and the light is ON. Once you are away from the room the light is OFF
  • Save electricity the light is OFF once you are away from the room
  • Best applications: Bath rooms, Lobby , Stairs, Hall indoor.
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