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Wireless GSM Walky Phone
Model : 21G

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Advantages
  • Buy
GSM Desk Phone allows users to access voice calls communication on GSM mobile phone network with any GSM SIM Card.
  • GSM Desk Phone enables instant telephone access to various applications like providing a landline alternative for remote areas, ships, vehicles, construction, oil and mining companies, exhibitions, disaster recovery application services or any temporary sites.
  • GSM Desk Phone is available only in Black color.
  • LCD Display Dimension - 128 x 64 Number of Lines - 04
  • Network Frequency Dual Band GSM 900/1800 MHZ Receiver Sensitivity:104dB
  • Keypad 22 keys for multi functional operation
  • Input Voltage AC: 90-300v;
  • Output DC: 5v/1A Battery Charger
  • Built-in Time for Charging 5-6 hours Battery Type 3.7v Li-ion
  • Talk Time 2 Hours Stand By Time 72 Hours
  • Interface User friendly programming Power,
  • Network, Signal strength, Date & Time indication DC power supply socket SIM socket Soft key ON/OFF GSM antenna
  • Dimensions (mm) 203 x 204 x 79 (L x W x H) Weight 750 Grams
  • SMS Caller ID Call Waiting
  • Call Diverting
  • Call Conferencing
  • Calculator
  • Phone Book
  • Hand-Free Battery Level Indicator Signal Strength Indicator.
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